Aurora65 Mechanical Keyboard

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  • Switches and keycaps are not included
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  • Switches and keycaps are not included.  These must be purchased separately.

  • 65% layout ideal for gamers or enthusiasts
  • World's first mass-produced keyboard to include Durock v2 screw-in stabilizers (Durock v2 stabilizers come pre-lubed)

  • Premium gasket mounted typing experience 
  • High quality CNC'd aluminum case

  • Unique polycarbonate bottom case for a beautiful RGB under glow experience

  • Custom PCB featuring 5-pin hot swap and robust under glow RGB for the most premium experience

  • PE Foam included and pre-installed

  • Compatible with QMK/VIA (open source firmware)

  • Please note: no discount codes can be used on Aurora65

  • Designed for use with VIA software - download here

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Aurora65 Uses VIA Software

Aurora65 Mechanical Keyboard was designed for use with VIA software.

Please click on the VIA logo or visit to get started using your Aurora65 Keyboard.

Aurora65 Mechanical Keyboard Odin GamingAurora65 Mechanical Keyboard Odin Gaming

Premium Design

quality aluminum, robust RGB under glow
Aurora65 Gaming Keyboard Odin GamingAurora65 Gaming Keyboard Odin Gaming

Amazing Experience

premium gasket mount, amazing feel and sound
Aurora65 Gasket Mount Gaming Keyboard Odin GamingAurora65 Gasket Mount Gaming Keyboard Odin Gaming


customizable plate, customizable RGB
Odin Gaming

Odin Gaming

level up your game

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Paige Guichard
Great starter kit

This was my first custom keyboard build. It was very smooth and easy to build with the hotswap pcb. The RGB is a really nice tough too. typing sounds nice and thocky with the Gateron ink v2s. Like stated earlier, Great starter kit or just great kit in general. would recommend

Amazing board

It was my first custom keyboard and the assembly was super easy. amazing typing feeling.

Kelton Crofoot
A board with plenty features

The Aurora is one of the best boards I've ever used it's super bouncy gasket mount to it's pre-lubed durock v2 screw in stabs, this board is a steal for how cheap it is no real complaints besides that for some it may be difficult to peel off the top aluminum plate so you can really get in there and swap out the switch plate I unfortunately flexed my PCB so that may be something that other users might want to be wary of. But other than that small gripe this is a board that is very much worth the $190 cause of all the features hell they don't even charge extra for the white version while most companies run a 40-50 dollar up charge so yes this board is worth it.

Allan Ritumban
The Odin Aurora65 One of The Best!

The keyboard sounds nice and feel super smooth. I'm using Gateron Lion Switches, holee mod, and the tape mod. The feel and the sound of the keys all feel premium!

Matt T.
Very nice keyboard

Really like this keyboard. Got it setup with the pom plate and lubed gateron yellows. The sound profile is amazing. I feel no need to do any additional sound modded besides lubing the stabs.

The prelubed stabs definitely need more lube as they rattle too much stock for me. Only other complaint is the built in PE foam mod had one of the switch pin holes covered and I had to use a knife to remove the precut foam from that area to install the switch.

The RGB underglow is insane and pictures do not do it justice. Just wow, so bright that I had to set it at like 50-75% lol. I want to try and get a little more flex out of this board so might be picking up the PC plate to try that out soon.