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Andromeda Zero Mouse Pad Odin Gaming
Andromeda Cloth Gaming Pad Zero Artisan Odin Gaming
Andromeda XXL Gaming Mouse Pad Odin Gaming
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Andromeda Zero Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad XXL Odin Gaming
Andromeda Artisan Zero Gaming mouse pad Odin Gaming
Andromeda Gaming Cloth Mousepad Odin Gaming
Andromeda Mouse Pad Gaming Cloth Pad Odin Gaming
Andromeda Zero gaming mouse pad Odin Gaming

Andromeda Mousepad

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  • Let's take you down to ZERO

  • Balance of mid-speed glide and control means Andromeda mouse pad pairs perfectly with any game, any situation

  • Custom cloth surface in development for over one year presenting a surface unlike any other
  • Custom fabric we've developed ensures great glide properties with a very mild texture for great mouse feedback 
  • Same speed and feel swiping left to right and up and down (X and Y)

  • Uses our new fine threaded stitching - even with the surface with improved looks and durability

  • Durable construction backed by our 1 year warranty.

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Cleaning our pads - Hand wash only. Grab a damp microfiber towel and mild soap. Wipe the surface down. Rinse it thoroughly. Let it air dry.

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Let's take you down to ZERO

Cloth Pad

perfect for any game, any situation


developed by us. ZERO coatings.


Durable. Fine Threaded.
Odin Gaming

Odin Gaming

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Paris Koulouris
Amazing!!! 🤩🤩🤩

Incredible mouse pad, probably the best I've used. Has a great texture, super smooth glide and overall great performance. Couldn't recommend it more!!!

Dai Tran
Really good, but feels a tad bit lacking.

The surface is absolutely perfect! Just wished that the pad is a bit thicker, and more plush. But it definitely feel like an upgrade from my Infinity.

David Sutton
Best control pad under $30!

If you are looking for a comfortable control pad that still has a good amount of speed, then look no further than the Andromeda Mousepad! I have over 80 mousepads, and this is one of the top-performing control pads I own, especially when you factor in the price! Highly recommended!

Chris Smucny
Really nice pad! Great value!

Really enjoying this pad. Good smooth texture. Smooth glide. Good mix of speed and control. A few nitpicks…wish logo in corner was built into pad. It has a slightly tacky texture to it. It’s 99.99% of the time a non issue though. Pad doesn’t lay completely flat out the box. After a few days it’s gotten better but not completely gone yet. Despite the nitpicks, I’d highly recommend giving this pad a try.

Liam O'Neal
Great Control Surface

When I opened the package, I was not expecting such a good experience for the price point. Apart from the waves that were on the stitching when I first unboxed it, everything was great. The waves went away after a couple of days of use and never affected my use, just was not pleasing for my OCD. Overall great pad, would recommend!