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a premium gasket mounted, hot swap keyboard

Control Pad

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RandomFrankP - Odin Gaming ZeroGravity Mouse Pad
Brandon Taylor - Odin ZeroGravity mouse pad
TechPowerUp - Odin Gaming ZeroGravity Mouse Pad
Experience Why
ZeroGravity and Infinity Mouse Pads
are becoming everyone's favorite gaming surfaces


no surface coatings, no compromises


great looks, high performance


fast, durable. made for performance.


nail headshots with ease

If you would have told me that Odin Gaming was going to make the first Artisan Killer, I would have f**king laughed in your face. (Infinity hybrid pad)


This is the best mouse pad of 2020. I love this mouse pad. Bang for your buck. It's a great glides perfectly. You have speed, you have control.

It's just perfect. (ZeroGravity mouse pad)

The Techne

A good amount of speed that's surprising for cloth.  You get increased speed and zero resistance due to the tight horizontal and vertical stitching. (ZeroGravity mouse pad)

RandomFrankP - Odin Gaming ZeroGravity Mouse Pad
Random Frank P

I probably get asked about this mouse pad the most...I've been testing it for a couple weeks and this mouse pad deserves to be in the top 5. (ZeroGravity mouse pad)

Brandon Taylor - Odin ZeroGravity mouse pad
Brandon Taylor

This mouse pad is incredibly fast. I would say get this over a hard pad 100% of the time. You get extremely similar speed and the comfort of a cloth pad. (Infinity hybrid pad)

Too Much Tech

Odin Gaming states that Infinity is fast but still has control. I have to agree with that. This pad is quite fast but still has some control. If you know my preferences, you would guess that I like this pad. (Infinity hybrid pad)


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