Aurora65 Mechanical Keyboard Odin GamingAurora65 Mechanical Keyboard Odin Gaming

Premium Design

quality aluminum, robust RGB under glow
Aurora65 Gaming Keyboard Odin GamingAurora65 Gaming Keyboard Odin Gaming

Amazing Experience

premium gasket mount, amazing feel and sound
Aurora65 Gasket Mount Gaming Keyboard Odin GamingAurora65 Gasket Mount Gaming Keyboard Odin Gaming


customizable plate, customizable RGB

Aurora65 Mechanical Keyboard

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  • Switches and keycaps are not included
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  • Switches and keycaps are not included.  These must be purchased separately.

  • 65% layout ideal for gamers or enthusiasts
  • World's first mass-produced keyboard to include Durock v2 screw-in stabilizers (Durock v2 stabilizers come pre-lubed)

  • Premium gasket mounted typing experience 
  • High quality CNC'd aluminum case

  • Unique polycarbonate bottom case for a beautiful RGB under glow experience

  • Custom PCB featuring 5-pin hot swap and robust under glow RGB for the most premium experience

  • PE Foam included and pre-installed

  • Compatible with QMK/VIA (open source firmware)

  • Please note: no discount codes can be used on Aurora65

  • Designed for use with VIA software - download here

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Aurora65 Uses VIA Software

Aurora65 Mechanical Keyboard was designed for use with VIA software.

Please click on the VIA logo or visit to get started using your Aurora65 Keyboard.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Independent R.
Review for Aurora65

Although I had some issues with my initial order, Odin Gaming Support was willing to work with me to eventually provide me with a fully functional keyboard that looks and sounds good. I didn't feel the need to mod the stock Durock v2 stabilizers. Daughterboard for the USB-C port wasn't screwed in as tightly as it could have been, and figuring out how to work the LED's has involved some trial and error (after following the VIA links) but it still works. Would consider purchasing from Odin Gaming again.

Rohan D.
Aurora 65% for new enthusiasts!

As a newer member to this community it can be quite overwhelming to sift through all the options nowadays. Which so many minute factors and opinions it's difficult to find the "perfect" keyboard but I am so glad I stumbled upon this one during my research for a 65%.
Absolutely amazing typing experience with the carbon fiber plate.
I seriously cannot recommend this enough for a keyboard with an amazing price point and ticking so many of the boxes. RGB underglow is superb (no keycap rgb so make sure you understand that), bright and uniformly distributed.
Board had zero defects upon arrival and everything on the pcb worked perfectly.
Packaging was one of the most premium I've experienced with amazing protection and included screwdriver that was a god send.
Very easy to take apart and swap plates.
Of course I can't not mention the pre-lubed and included durock v2s which was a game changer for me and sealed the deal. As a newer enthusiast I cannot overstate how amazing it is to have high quality stabs pre lubed and installed. They feel amazing and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Garrett Y.
Love it!

So I had this board for a few weeks now. Since I was waiting on the keycaps, I waited to write a review until I finally got the caps, put both them and the switches in, and tinkered with the board for a bit. Here's my verdict after I had some actual time with it.

-I have absolutely enjoyed working with VIA with the keymapping. It takes getting used to using layers, but once you get the mapping and layering just right, and get it into muscle memory, it is a blast to use.
-RGB underglow. Nice and bright. But you can also make it dimmer if you so choose via...VIA. I even made it match the colors on my deskmat. Courtesy of VIA once again.
- I'm going to say it right here for anyone that is concerned about keycap interference with Cherry profile sets as I was before buying this board. Rest assured, this is a south facing keyboard, so you can use any kind of keycap set you like including Cherry profile without interference in certain key rows.

-This has been sort of recent for me, and this could be a switch thing, a PCB thing or a computer thing, unfortunately the W key for some reason doesn't always register. Either it be quick pauses or long stalls. Not good when I want to move constantly forward when gaming for example.

Overall- This is a solid budget custom keyboard for someone that is new to the keyboard hobby, and doesn't want to do a group buy just yet. Whether it be fiddling around with keycaps, or hotswapping switches, or even trying out different plates (Which this one comes with aluminum). I would give it five stars without the W key debacle.

EDIT: So after posting this review, I hotswapped the switch responsible for the W key and tested it out. So far so good. Will update if things change.


Truly an amazing keyboard, perfect right out of the box, has a anesthetically pleasing look to it, and sounds amazing! Also incredible customer service like, Odin Gaming has to be the best company out there, not capping.

Ricardo O.
So good!!!!

This keyboard it's even better than I was expecting after seeing it in some reviews talking good things about it! Worth it

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