5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Aim: Bonus Tip!

Yesterday we provided five easy skill-based tips to help you improve your aim. Today we have a bonus tip to improve your aim, investing in your gaming setup. Think of your favorite athlete, a prime example of delivering top tier performance in their games. Each of them has developed the skills needed to perform through practice, but also utilizes the best gear possible to enhance that performance. When faced against other performance athletes that have honed their skills, it’s these small details that may make the difference between winning and losing. Just as with these performance athletes, you may be facing opponents of similar rank or skill, where your gear might just give you the edge to need to clutch a win. Each of the following are improvements that you can quickly make to your setup to enhance your aim:


Tracking players (continuous aiming at a moving target) is an essential component of aiming in FPS games and if you’ve ever played a large-scale FPS (First Person Shooter), you know the challenge of tracking at a distance. Investing in a quality monitor can help make this easier, providing clearer picture and making the movement of opponents smoother. We recommend 144 Hz monitor or higher, meaning you max out at 144 frames per a second or more. This will allow you to more clearly and accurately see your opponents movement, which is essential for tracking at a distance.


When it comes to gaming mice, we could write an entire book on the features that contribute to improving your aim. Each these features can be consistently found in quality mice from many reputable brands, so we’ll focus on what is different and what you should base your decision on, comfort. Grip, hand size, and weight all contribute to preferences in mouse. Your grip may be related to hand-size but also may be independent but will likely determine the ergonomics of the mouse you select. If you’re unsure about your grip, Rocket Jump Ninja has a great guide to help identify your grip. Once identified, you will be able to search for recommendations for mouse shapes and button placements that are best for your grip. As for weight, many mice have interchangeable weights or come in different sizes at different weights. Finding your sweet spot in these three areas will allow you to comfortably maneuver your mouse, reducing cramping of your hands or the need to reposition during intense moments, thus improving long durations of aiming.


Last but not least, your mousepad ties into your sensitivity making it a critical part of enhancing your aim. Finding the right level of speed and control you’re comfortable with at your sensitivity contributes to smoother aiming and better consistency. Each generally falls on a scale, from slower higher friction control mousepads to faster low friction speed mousepads. Games like Valorant or Counter-Strike 2 typically require less movement with precision aiming and control mousepads like our Eclipse Mousepad. With higher control, you have a greater ability to make precise micro-adjustments. Games like APEX or Call of Duty typically require more movement with consistent tracking and higher speed mousepads like our ZeroGravity Mousepad. With a smoother surface, you are able to maximize your movement and tracking. For those who either love all FPS games, are more comfortable with speed and control, or aren’t sure where they fall on this scale, don’t worry we have mousepads for that too! Our Infinity, Andromeda, and Andromeda Pro mousepads all have the perfect balance of speed and control. With unique surfaces, you can maximize your movement, tracking, and maintain precise micro-adjustments.

When it comes to comfort in mousepads our new Andromeda Pro Mousepad, launching today at 12:00pm EST, is the pinnacle of performance and comfort. In addition to our Andromeda’s unique balanced hybrid control and speed surface, the Pro features ergonomic improvements giving it unparalleled comfort to accompany its performance. It’s lowered below-the-surface stitching provides uninterrupted mouse glide off the mousepad and prevents arm irritation caused by raised stitching. The new poron base prevents mousepad movement and combats humidity. With the Andromeda Pro being one of our best hybrid mousepads yet and it being 10% off through Nov 27th, those whose mousepads fall in the hybrid category should head over to our page and grab one before they sell out.

If you couldn’t tell, comfort is a theme today and a key component contributing to improving your aim. When you’re comfortable the skills you developed practicing aiming feel like they come more naturally, whether that be comfort in visibility, grip, or mousepad friction. As with yesterday’s tips, the most important tip is to have fun and the more comfortable you are the more you’ll enjoy gaming.


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