Infinity Stealth Edition Hybrid Mousepad - 19.7"x19.7" (500x500)

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  • Infinity Stealth Edition features the same Infinity surface you love but now boasts a slightly larger 500x500 size and sleek all-black logo!
  • Infinity surface takes the best of hard pads (the speed!) and the best of cloth pads (comfort, control) and combines them for the ultimate hybrid mouse pad.
  • No surface coatings were used to achieve the ultra fast and smooth glide.  Your Infinity hybrid mouse pad will glide as smoothly as the day you got it.
  • Same speed and feel swiping left to right and up and down (X and Y)

  • Extremely low static or initial friction means a buttery smooth glide and you're still in complete control of your mouse movements.

  • Durable construction backed by our 1 year warranty.
  • XL - 19.3" x 16.5" (49.02 cm x 41.91 cm)
  • XL Extended - 24" x 14" (60.96 cm x 35.56 cm)
  • Extended - 36" x 11" (91.44 cm x 27.94 cm)
  • 2XL - 36" x 18" (91.44 cm x 45.72 cm)
  • 3XL - 48" x 24" (121.92 cm x 60.96 cm)
  • Wrist Rest - 12.4" x 4.12" x 0.9" (31.5 cm x 10.16 cm x 2.29 cm)
  • 1 year warranty from date of purchase (warranty covers manufacturing defects, see warranty info for more details)
Infinity Stealth Edition Hybrid Mousepad
Infinity Hybrid Mouse Pad
Infinity hybrid pad
Infinity mouse pad
Infinity mouse pad hybrid
Infinity Stealth Edition Hybrid Mousepad
Infinity Hybrid Mouse Pad
Infinity hybrid pad
Infinity mouse pad
Infinity mouse pad hybrid


The next generation of hybrid mouse pad

Best of
both worlds

we've combined the speed of hard pads with the comfort of cloth

No Surface

trail-blazing speed without the use of coatings

Go beyond

Infinity surface introduces speed and comfort unlike anything else

Odin Gaming

Elite gaming accessories for EVERY gamer

Customer Reviews

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Christopher Rodriguez

Infinity Stealth Edition Hybrid Mousepad - 19.7"x19.7" (500x500)

Zachary Bolton
P good

Okay imma keep it a buck with you guys. I'll be comparing this with the hien. The size is awesome. The edges don't bother me personally but if I were to nit pick at them I would make them flush with the pad, they are risen. The glide is good but not as good as the hien, it feels more close to traditional cloth pads where you have to really give it the onions to get the mouse moving, if it had less friction that would be sweet. Thats it. Basically make the edges flush, a harder faster material (not too fast or too hard but a little bit more sauce), and I'd use this guy over the hien. . . . Oh and the bottom is really good I have no issues with it moving around at all. I had some really good games on this pad but it just isn't quite as saucy as the hien but it's really really close, if I couldn't use my hien I'd use this one.


I liked the original so much i got this as a spare

Graybeard_Giff Tech
The Best Hybrid Mousepad I've Used So Far!!

I think I've tried most of the major hybrid pads at this point, both the easy to get ones and harder to grab imported brands. Between being the perfect size, great texture (very non abrasive) and just the right speed for shooters I'm loving my Infinity pad!

This pad is by FAR the best feeling hybrid pad I've used. In fact I had to really check it out to make sure it wasn't just a regular cloth pad, this thing never irritates my wrist, fingers or hand.

It's for sure faster than "mud" mats, but I never feel out of control playing shooters. The ability to stop and track is outstanding!

If this pad holds up as well as my other hybrids I'll buy more down the road, hopefully as other colors and designs become available. However, the stealth pad is pretty cool with the all black everything Vader look!

Best mousepad ever!

I was recommended this pad from a streamer I follow. I always said to myself before “I don’t need a good mousepad, it can’t really make a difference.” Well that is not true. Instantly I’ve noticed an improvement in my gameplay and couldn’t be happier!